Estate Jewellery

At Jewellery by Sanders, we recognize that some occasions call for something a little more unique or inexpensive than typical jewellery store offerings can provide. If you are seeking jewellery items like this, our new estate jewellery collection may be just the place to look.

What Is Estate Jewellery?

When someone dies, all their worldly possessions become part of a legal entity known as their estate. These things (or the value of them) are what the person's stated beneficiaries inherit. Sometimes, specific items in the estate are bequeathed to certain people named in the will, keeping valuable possessions in the family. Commonly, though, the will's instructions state that the entire estate is to be liquidated and its proceeds dispersed among the named beneficiaries.

When this happens, the estate has an abundance of items that must be sold quickly and efficiently, often requiring them to be sold at prices lower than their true value for the sake of expediency. The executor appointed by the deceased may choose to hold an estate sale to liquidate all items at once, or to approach specialized buyers like antique shops to sell individual items that deserve more care and recognition. Jewellery items that come to market through sales like this are called estate jewellery; as part of our efforts to provide even more selection and value to our customers, Jewellery by Sanders is a proud curator and re-seller of estate jewellery in the Oshawa area.

Impeccable Style, Unbeatable Price

It may seem strange to shop for jewellery that once belonged to someone else, but there are actually many reasons to do so. Antique jewellery is often highly valued due to its age and beauty. There's a story behind every piece like this, a trait which many people find irresistible. Many such pieces date back to times before mass production was common, making them one-of-a-kind artisan pieces even if they weren't made as a custom order. Antique jewellery can also easily be incorporated into a fashionable vintage look and tends to be easy to wear in both casual and conservative settings, so it can be a good functional choice as well.

Further, not all estate jewellery is necessarily old; plenty of beautiful modern pieces, some by well-known top designers whose work sells for very high retail prices, end up in estate jewellery shops as well. Because the items are second-hand by nature, however, and haven't had time to appreciate in value, they are typically sold for significantly less than identical new versions. Individuals with high-end tastes but smaller budgets often find estate jewellery purchases extremely helpful in rounding out their overall jewellery collection.

Come See For Yourself

At Jewellery by Sanders, you'll find an extensive collection of estate jewellery items ranging from nearly new to well-worn (though you may rest assured that we will never sell you truly damaged or broken pieces). Because this section of our offerings is sourced from individual sellers and not commercial ones, our estate jewellery selection is constantly changing. When perusing our available pieces at any given time, you'll find all kinds of different pieces of estate jewellery, including but not limited to the following item categories:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings (including engagement rings)
  • Earrings
  • Charms
  • Pendants
  • Bangles
  • Brooches
  • Watches
  • Cufflinks

Not all categories are always in stock at the same time, but hunting down the type of piece you want can be part of the allure of estate jewellery shopping. Come to visit Jewellery by Sanders' Oshawa storefront anytime to see for yourself what we have available at the moment, and be sure to check back frequently to get updates on all the new estate jewellery we have recently received.