Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have long been a fundamental part of marriage traditions all around the world. As a physical gift of great economic value, they were originally intended to show the giver's beloved the depth of their commitment to starting a life together, even if it couldn't happen right away.

Since then, engagement rings have become a timeless tangible symbol of the enduring love that exists between couples - so much so that they even live on long after those couples have passed away. Engagement rings often become cherished family heirlooms, passed down to future generations and even used again by new couples adding to the family. They are not only beautiful tokens commemorating the promise of a marriage - they're lasting monuments to the memory of that person's life and love.

This solemn promise and storied tradition call for an exceptional piece of jewellery to match. The best engagement rings are not just impressive, costly pieces; they're carefully chosen to match the one-of-a-kind style and taste of the intended recipient. Any old ring simply won't do.

The Selection Process

Choosing the right ring is a multi-layered task. Engagement rings are comprised of three main parts: the band, the setting (the metal construction surrounding and securing the centrepiece gem), and the gem itself. The band is the main metal component, and though often plain, is a highly visible component. Options for metals include subtle sterling silver, timeless gold, charmingly offbeat rose gold and many more.

Settings are usually, but not always, made of the same metal as the band. They can be minimalist (allowing the stone and band to take center stage) or elaborate (providing significant additional visual interest through intricate metalwork, additional metal types or even the inclusion of smaller accent stones). While often overlooked, a well-chosen setting can completely change the look of a ring.

As for the actual gems, they vary not only in the obvious categories of type, size and carat but also in the cut (the ultimate shape of the gemstone after a jeweller has refined it from its raw material state). These range from the classics like pear, emerald, marquise and princess cuts to more modern styles like heart-shaped cuts. It should also be noted that engagement rings can be made with any kind of gemstone, not just diamond - however, diamond is commonly regarded as both the standard and most coveted of engagement rings.

Despite all of these complex considerations, there is no right or wrong way to go when shopping for engagement rings. For every possible combination, there is someone out there for whom it is an ideal match. Your task as the shopper is to find the one that best suits your beloved.

Engagement Rings From Oshawa's Best

At Jewellery by Sanders, our curated selection of jewellery contains only the most beautiful, expertly-crafted engagement rings to suit a wide range of price points, all made locally right here in Canada. If you are located in the Oshawa area and not sure where to begin in your quest for the perfect ring, we can help. Our in-house jewellers and designers are always available to provide advice, sizing and engraving services for your purchases, so you'll have our professional guidance and insight behind you during the entire process. If you still cannot find exactly the kind of ring you've envisioned, our custom design services may be able to work with you to make that idea a reality.

Whatever you have in mind, let Jewellery by Sanders help you find the perfect ring to ask the most important question in your life - we know just how much it means to you to get it right.